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Taking Stock in the Final Hours of 2014

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I didn’t realize it last NYE, but 2014 was going to be a year for taking a good, hard look around, blasting through old hang ups, and exchanging a safe, steady life of obscurity for one where I’m feeling utterly exposed, but so much more alive, which I more than occasionally just mistake for free-falling terror. Honestly, had I been told ahead of time what I was in for, I may have lost my nerve.  That’s the beauty of ignorance I suppose.

I got married to a wonderful man this year, left my secure job to pursue starting my own business as a coach, and now, even though it was a just a speck of an idea, something I wrote down in a three-year plan forever ago and forgot about, I’m actually collaborating with a therapist, my mom, on a workshop we’re holding in January. It’s surreal when you take a look around and realize you got everything you said you wanted; it makes you feel strangely powerful.

But what sinks in most for me after this realization, especially from those days where you’re strung out on your life after pouring over Facebook, is how nothing is as ideal as it appears. Real life is a complete shit show behind the scenes—more beautiful and messy than we could ever hope to craft with a filter or post. Much to my dismay (because it’d be incredibly awesome), profound moments don’t run like a movie montage with some poignant or inspirational music to let you know they’re happening; you actually have to pay attention.

All that matters is that at the end of the day, no matter what it looks like from the outside, you can feel grounded in who you are and what you’re putting into the world. Hopefully, you have someone who encourages your soul-stretching risks, reassures you when panic sets in, and reminds you to take stock instead of just moving on to the next goal. But even if not, everyone’s life-long resolution should be to learn to do that for themselves.

If 2014 was a year for breaking ties with old ways, then I think 2015 just may be a year for showing up really big. There’s some momentum now—there won’t be any tip-toeing in or pussy footing around at the start of this one.

If you feel the same, and are interested in learning more about setting yourself up in a really big way this year, hit me up about private coaching or the upcoming January workshop I’m co-facilitating with the best therapist I know, hailing all the way from Stockholm to grace us with her wonderfully warm, wise presence, Beth Rogerson, PH.D. (aka, my mom). :)

Happy New Year!!!


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  • mb January 6, 2015, 6:58 am

    what a wonderful post and a beautiful perspective! keep on keeping on! ;)