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About Me



I built up a career in the nonprofit industry applying my crazy attention to detail as an event manager. I loved the missions of the organizations, and I was good at it, but there was a big part of me that felt disconnected while doing that work. For several angsty years I knew I wanted to work more closely with people using my communication background and make a more direct impact, but I struggled to see how I would do that.

In searching for my place, I moved a dozen times, I got a Masters, I got a yoga instructor certification, I spent many lonely, anxiety-ridden Sunday nights questioning my life, I read so many books on mindfulness, health, career development, and personal growth, I took a hundred personality assessments, and did dozens of “informational interviews” only to feel more confused about my direction.

During those years fighting my way through the twists and turns of several huge transitions, I was also unofficially coaching everyone in my life through their own. Death, divorce, marriage, new baby, moving, leaving jobs. You name it. I learned a lot the hard way, but I eventually found a path that made sense for me and not only led me to a fulfilling career, but also a happier life than I could ever have imagined, surrounded by friends and family I love with a wonderful husband by my side.


I’ve always had a strong intuitive ability to see other people clearly, help them figure out what they really want, and grow their confidence so they can start taking actual steps to achieving it. Along with my personal experience and talent to help others in this unique way, I also have a professional certification in coaching, two degrees in communication, and years managing project logistics and details. What that means?

  • I’m really good at holding space for people as they deal with big change.
  • I provide deep insights and support through muddy situations.
  • I listen incredibly well and communicate back in a way that allows a fresh perspective.
  • I’m skilled at breaking down the big picture stuff into manageable steps, where dreams/vision meets reality/goals.



10730909_10203044426131850_1583786772307283279_n1. Excuses to dress up in costume.

2. Traveling to far-flung places.

3. That magical moment at a party when people wordlessly form a dance circle.

4. Eating an entire Chipotle burrito at home…alone…and not having to share the chips and guacamole.

5. Lists. For everything. They quiet the nervous nelly inside.

AWRM08112014-886. Yoga to still my tireless mind. Most times it alludes me, but every once and a while I stop thinking long enough to get knocked over the head by some incredible inner wisdom.

7. Making awkward attempts to befriend every dog and cat I meet.

8. Surrounding myself by the soul-pets/people who bring out all that is best in me, which is equal parts fiercely loyal, warm, strong, and silly.